About Zeta Psi Pi Tau

      The Pi Tau Chapter, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), gained its charter from Zeta Psi Fraternity on April 30, 1976.  The 25 Charter members, led by Arthur Douglas Dodge Elliot, Gary Adels Loeb, and John Jack Albert Watters Jr.  Were highly dedicated members of Zeta Psi and their dedication and support continue to this day. 

    The Chapter house, located at 32 Dean Street, has housed the chapter since its beginnings.  The house has a capacity of 18 people and is located right of school property.  It has undergone many physical changes over the 21 years.  From expanding the 3rd floor to redoing bathrooms, every a new project is taken on by the chapter to make the house better.  Currently the Chapter project include refurbishing the house living room, and improving Brothers ritual knowledge. 

    The size of the Brotherhood at Pi Tau has varied greatly over the year from the teens in the late 80s to its current size of 55 in 1999.  The Chapter is always evolving and one of its greatest strengths is its ability to change.

    The Chapter has been presented many awards over its short history. Click here to see the Awards.

    Unfortunately the Chapters recent success was over shadow by the untimely and sudden passing of our Award Winning Chapter Advisor, Alan Okun on December 31, 1996.  On his behalf the Zeta Psi Fraternities Chapter Advisor award was renamed the Alan Okun Chapter Advisor Award.  Alan was a true Zete even though he was never able to wear the badge for Alan was a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

    Despite this Alan spent much of his time helping not only the Pi Tau Chapter but also all of Zeta Psi.  He will remain in the hearts of not only Pi Tau Zetes, but also Zetes Everywhere.

    Despite the Tremendous loss of Alan Okun, The future looks bright for the Pi Tau Chapter.  From the Prospect of getting a new chapter house in the not so distant future, to the multiple award continually won by the Chapter over the past years, its steadily increasing size of the brotherhood. The Pi Tau Chapter will remain a strong member of Zeta Psi for Many Years to Come!

    The Door at Pi Tau is Always open to a Brother, regardless of your Chapter, And every time you visit we guarantee it will be a experience to remember!

    In Closing we wish all Chapters the success we have had in the past years, and we hope to continue to live up to the standards of Zeta Psi and to live our lives in  TAU KAPPA PHI!

Excerpt taken from Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America Double Diamond  Jubilee - Turner Publishing 1997 (updated also)